1980 Series

Sharon Biederman sbiederm at nova.umuc.edu
Thu Jan 16 12:05:34 EST 2003

    My collection is also focused on the original series, although I have
a few later volumes.  The 1980s woodcut dust jackets are appealing
aesthetically, but the books underneath are not for the reasons stated by
John and Scot.  Certainly the books will become more scarce with the
passage of time, but I don't see them competing with the pre-1970 books in
terms of numbers of serious collectors or projected value.

    The Giants are a different case.  Some of the earlier titles, for
instance, The Complete Novels of Jane Austen or Wolfe's Look Homeward,
Angel, are beautiful books and very much in demand.  I also receive many
requests for the first edition of ML #67, the English and American poetry
anthology without Ezra Pound.
> If you are, then I'm in the boat with you. I too collected post-1970 
> books for a bit, but then traded them all away for EXACTLY the 
> reasons you give.
> "Perfect" binding, indeed!!!
> - Scot Kamins

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