1980 Series

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Thu Jan 16 10:10:43 EST 2003


> I believe that the  first editions of the ML 1980 series of books are
> under-priced when one considers the period that they were in print.
> We have some 13 titles (1979-1984) and I must say that any of them F/F
> at the price guide price would be a real good purchase.

These books may also be under-priced because they
are not particularly well made and vary from the
classic Modern Library form.  The attraction
of pre-1970 MLs is in part the content, but also
the bindings, book design, djs, etc. (all well
documented in the article by Gordon N., noted
in a recent MODLIB posting).

The wood-cut dust jacket designs are ok (altho
they seem to be rather generic), but the cheaper
paper, bindings and overall look of these later
MLs leaves something to be desired - in my humble
(and often misinformed) opinion.  I must admit
that I used to collect any and all MLs, but am
now getting rid of my post-1970 editions and even
most (gasp!) of my Giants, as, after much thought
on the subject, I realized that they too don't
have the charm of the 'normal' sized MLs (plus
they take up too much space!).  I do wish ML
would have chosen multiple volume editions, like
Everyman's Library, rather than go to a larger

I am sure I am in the minority of ML collectors,
but it has been liberating not to feel obligated
to collect ML editions that are only, well, books.

Any opinions?  Is this sacrilege?  Am I voted off
the island?

John K.

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