Unusual Paper on Candide # 47

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Below, I posted some of the exchanges from last May regarding this type of dust jacket.  I believe they are called linen.  In addition to those listed below, I also have G49.1, Twain's Huck and Tom.  Both my first from 1940 and a reprint from 1948 have the linen paper, so it looks like they were used a number of years.
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  I've come across a copy of Candide by Voltaire (1945 jacket, per Kamins, with 316 titles) that has unusual dust jacket paper. 

  the paper is almost plastic like (much heavier, say than a Faust with 316 titles, do I correctly assume they were printed around the same time?) and seems to have been "pressed" with a slightly irregular criss-cross pattern. 

  Any thoughts? 

  Alan G. 

  From May 2002******************************************************************
  I have linen jackets for #26, The Complete Angler in both 1946 and 1949;
  #110, David Copperfield in 1949; #89, Green Mansions in 1940.  Since I see
  so few of them, I expected they were produced for just a year or three, so I
  was surprised when I just now looked and saw them in use in both 1940 and
  1949.  I like them as well.

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  > I think they are called linen jackets.  I have three of them: Memoirs of
  > Casanova, Candide and Crime and Punishment.
  > I have never seen anyone point it out in a sale or auction, so I guess its
  > not very collectible.  Although, I like these jackets better.
  > Zebra318
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  > >
  > > I just bought a copy of 165.1 (c. 1947) binding 8 with Galdone dust
  > jacket.
  > > I notice that the dust jacket paper is different from what I have seen
  > > before.  It seems to be a bit heavier than normal and is textured rather
  > > than smooth.  If there is a technical term for this paper, I don't know
  > > what it is, but it is cross-hatched with tiny furrows (bad description,
  > but
  > > that's all that comes to me now.)
  > >
  > > I don't recall seeing a discussion of dust jacket papers on the listserv
  > > before.  Is this type of paper above unusual?  As I say, I haven't seen
  > > before on any of my books - at least I didn't notice if I did and this
  > > jumped out at me.
  > >
  > > Any general information or history of dust jacket paper types used over
  > the
  > > years?
  > >
  > > Ron Thoman
  > > rgthoman at earthlink.net

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