A Modern Library Readers Group

Joe Singleton joesingleton10 at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 7 21:22:18 EST 2003

I would like to join in.  What is the name of the group at the site?

Joe Singleton

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Though I collect Modern Library, it is because I love to read them, and
because of the positive feedback and interest that was received when I
mentioned this, a new group was started on Yahoo.
ModernLibraryReaders - the message on the home page

This is a group for people who wish to discuss the books published under the
Modern Library imprint. You may or may not be a collector of these lovely
editions, but here is where we can talk about old favourites found here, new
treasures, or books that deserve their obscurity. No buying, selling or
trading, or things too far off topic, but straying into other pathways of
literature encouraged, especially where Modern Library has pointed the way.
This group will be moderated to keep the spam at bay, but please e-mail with
questions, suggestions and comments.

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