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Thu Feb 27 09:42:11 EST 2003

Hi Darrell (and Scot and MODLIB),

I am the MODLIB list administrator.  While I fully support
the Content project, I hope you rethink sending an email for so
many authors to the list!

If I may suggest an alternative strategy for your interesting

1) Some of the information you seek is in Henry Toledano's
Guide (info on how to get a copy is at

2) The Library of Congress has an excellent on-line catalog
where much of the information you seek on Modern Library
editions can be found.  Legally, all books published in the
US should be in the Library of Congress.  This catalog is
freely available on the WWW at

- from that page click on 'basic search'

- from the basic search page:
	- search text: atherton modern library
	- search type: select 'keyword'
	- hit 'begin search'

- this should provide a page with the bibliographic entry
of the title you are looking for.  Click on the title, and
you will get the full bibliographic entry.  Every ML title
(except one) I have searched for has been in the Library of

3) After this, if you still have missing information, send
a single email with a list of titles you still need information
for to MODLIB.  Do be aware that some of the information you
seek may not be available.  For example, the recently discussed
"Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard" by France New Edition in 1932 does
not have the translator indicated.  If the Library of Congress
entry does not note an editor, or translator, or intro author,
the book does not indicate it and there is probably no easy
way to find this information.

Thanks for understanding that hundreds of emails sent to
80+ subscribers to the list might be a bit much!

John Krygier

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Modern Libbers:

             I am building a content data base for the modern library.  I
do not have a full set of the library though, so I will be requesting
information as I work through the list.

I need info for:

             Author: Atherton

             Title: Rezanov

The information that I will need is the following:



             Intro Author

             If this book has more than one work in it, I will need each
title and the page number the title starts on.

             And if the separate tiles have separate translators, I want
that as well.

You can e-mail me directly with the info.

I will leave a post when I receive the info which will look like this:

             ZEBRA318@ EARTHLINK.NET <mailto:ZEBRA318 at EARTHLINK.NET> RE:
(Title) Done

So that I won?t get unneeded responses after I have already had a reply.

Thanks for your co-operation.


--- Darrell Johnson
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