Illustrated "The Wisdom of Confucius"

Ron Thoman rgthoman at
Tue Feb 25 15:40:51 EST 2003

I recently picked up a second (better quality) boxed copy of the
illustrated "Wisdom of Confucius."  I noticed that the new copy is larger
(i.e. thicker) than the other, and that the imprint on the spine is larger
(taller by 3/8" or so, wider by 1/8"-1/4").  In every other way the two are
exactly alike, except that on the thinner version there are two copyright
dates (1938, 1943), while on the thicker version there is just one
copyright date (1943).

Any information or observations about these differences?  I assume one was
printed earlier than the other, but ???

Ron Thoman
rgthoman at

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