Dogeared Projects: Tech Weenie Help Sought

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Dogeared Projects: Tech Weenie Help Sought

In Windows/msie, I tried it and I got the above named page . . . the top of page of the ss anthologies and then I scrolled down to American ss's. 
When you say you were taken to the top of the page, do you mean the top of the page you were on and not the top of the anthologies page?

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  ML Tech Weenies,

  I'm having trouble getting anchor links to work correctly using Adobe GoLive 5.0 on a Macintosh. To see the problem, go to this page and scroll to the bottom:

  Now click  An Anthology of Famous American Stories after "Also found in." The link SHOULD bring you to that image on the SHort Story Anthologies page:

  But it doesn't -- instead, it brings you to the TOP of the page. At least in Microsoft Internet Explorer it does. I get this result in both Macintosh and Windows XP environments.

  Any suggestions?


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