Dogeared Projects: Tech Weenie Help Sought

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Feb 23 15:54:09 EST 2003

ML Tech Weenies,

I'm having trouble getting anchor links to work correctly using Adobe 
GoLive 5.0 on a Macintosh. To see the problem, go to this page and 
scroll to the bottom:

Now click  An Anthology of Famous American Stories after "Also found 
in." The link SHOULD bring you to that image on the SHort Story 
Anthologies page:

But it doesn't -- instead, it brings you to the TOP of the page. At 
least in Microsoft Internet Explorer it does. I get this result in 
both Macintosh and Windows XP environments.

Any suggestions?


Scot Kamins
Portland Oregon Real Estate Broker
(with Scott Trahan Realty Brokerage)
"I Listen."
(503) 997-0199
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