PROJECTS: New DJ and new feature (in progress)

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Feb 16 14:15:54 EST 2003

First, thanks to Aaron Henton for the 1956 DJ image of Six Modern 
American Plays, notable for the masque de comedia near the upper 
right corner: The choice of decoration is inexplicable when you 
consider that two of the plays are The Emporer Jones and The Glass 
Menagerie , neither one having especially happy endings (or middles, 
for that matter).

Second, while you're there check out a new feature-in-progress: Click 
the small Info icon under an image to see a list of authors and plays 
in that volume; click the larger Info icon at the top of page to see 
a (relatively complete) list of (nearly) all the authors and plays in 
(nearly) all the volumes on the page; and within that larger list, 
click an author's name to see what other books written by that author 
are in ML.

NOTE TO THE LITERATI (or psuedo-intellectuals, as some would have 
it): An examination of the master list reveals differences in titles 
for the same play depending in what volume it appears and who the 
editor is (especially in the earlier English plays). When you see the 
short story master list, differences will be even more striking.

Thanks to John Krygier who reviewed the new feature and who suggested 
the size and placement of the Info icons.

By the way, I didn't have an editor to check my typing in the lists; 
please send feedback when you spot typos (and you WILL spot typos). 
Also, I'm running out of parentheses and semicolons. Anybody with a 
surfeit should send them along.

I'm off to work on the Short Stories lists now (heaven help me).


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