Ulysses 1st

DCHOCK7 at aol.com DCHOCK7 at aol.com
Fri Feb 14 13:38:17 EST 2003

You can be fairly sure this is not a first, despite what the Seller 
says(although I have seen ML stated firsts with DJs that were 10-20 years 
later; this was probably due to a collector slapping a jacket on the older 
book). Maybe it is the New Edition from 1961?

<< I had a question about James Joyce's Ulysses, and since for some reason 
I've never gotten around to purchasing an early ML edition of this book, I 
don't know the answer to this one.
 This seller says his book has a first statement but no number given above 
the list of titles inside the jacket ("Which of these outstanding titles do 
you want to own?"). For some reason I thought lists with no number given were 
a feature of circa 1963 jackets. Was Ulysses one of those titles where they 
left in the first statement for years afterward or is this guy a victim of a 
married jacket? >>

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