bemelmans;my war with the united states

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Thanks very much for checking this.  Cerf's edition of Great Modern Short
Stories was actually published in 1943, though the copyright date is 1942
and the first jacket has a fall 1942 list.  It superseded Grant Overton's
anthology with the same title--it's Overton's anthology that the 278 jacket
refers to.  I don't know why the Cerf anthology was delayed ... maybe they
were waiting for the Overton anthology to sell out before distributing the
new one.


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> OK, I too have a Bemelmans stated first with 278 titles listed inside the
> jacket (250 mentioned outside), book printed on nice heavy stock, BUT I
> notice that Great Modern Short Stories is listed. Toledano says this is a
> 1942 title, which would suggest 278 is NOT a first-issue jacket, unless
> jackets listed upcoming titles, right?
> Matt B.

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