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... I am currently reading the Internal Revenue Code and will be until April
15th.  Lucky to be able to check messages daily, but felt compelled to chip
in when a dozen ML messages appeared up today.  Keep up the good work, your
DJ pics pages are invaluable to a serious collector, in my opinion.  As for
your new ideas, if it is good for you, it is good for me.


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> Folks,
> The other day I sent out a proposal ("The Once & Future Projects")
> about two projects I was thinking of doing to expand  the usefulness
> of Dogeared to the ML collecting community:
> 1) cataloging the Listserv archive and somehow linking the info to
> the image database
> 2) expanding the image database to include tables of contents for
> several types of anthologies
> I received three responses - two saying that I was one heck of a guy
> (both of which were incredibly perceptive and accurate beyond all
> doubt), and one saying that the DJ Variations project should continue
> (which is certainly shall, assuming folks send me images).
> Nobody has commented on the two new projects. Does this mean nobody
> thinks that these projects have merit? Guidance, people, guidance! Of
> course, I may ignore what everybody says, but at least I'll have
> input to consider.
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