bemelmans;my war with the united states

Thu Feb 13 07:49:50 EST 2003

My copy of Bemelmans has the 278-title listing.

<< I believe the printing on thicker paper without a list of titles inside the
 jacket is the first.  My War with the United States was published in October
 1941, a few months before Pearl Harbor; later printings were made during
 wartime when paper shortages were a continuing problem.
 My War with the United States, like The Thurber Carnival, was printed by
 offset lithography, which accounts for retention of the First statement on
 subsequent printings (see my column in MLC 44).  If the first printing
 jacket was printed by the same printer (and it looks to me as if it's also
 printed by offset lithography) that would explain the lack of a list.  Other
 ML jackets were printed letterpress, and the ML probably only had
 letterpress plates for the seasonal lists of titles inside the jackets.
 If anybody has a Bemelmans with a 278 (fall 1941) list inside the jacket
 please let me know.  I'm always delighted to be proved wrong!

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