Lundberg (was Re: Who wants to trade?)

j b krygier jbkrygie at
Tue Feb 11 22:31:10 EST 2003

EHSCHOTT at wrote:

> I collect the post 1939 numbered titles, firsts or not. What have you got?
> I am missing 258.2, 22.2, 123.3, 81.2

Do realize that 81.2: Lundberg: Imperial Hearst
is going to be hard to find in hard cover as it
was only published in a flex version (this was
discussed maybe a year back on Modlib).  This is
one of the revisions to the Guide, but I don't
think it made it to the revisions page at dogeared.

As modlib list manager, I am all for subscribers
using the list for trading MLs.

John K.

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