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j b krygier jbkrygie at
Tue Feb 11 22:22:25 EST 2003

Scot Kamins wrote:

> SOOOOOOO - comments?

> DJ Variations - this project will continue as active. It has been 
> tremendously successful thus far, and folks seem to enjoy it judging by 
> the feedback I get. Besides, I think it's great fun to do. I hope that 
> more people will contribute - it would be really something if we could  
> get examples of every true variation (except color, of course).

I check this often and find it to be by far the most
useful section of, and one of the best
book DJ resources on the WWW.  You need to promote it
a bit more!

One great addition to these pages would be a 'DJs
wanted' section.  Maybe someone with some spare time
could compare the different DJs noted in Henry's Guide
to the DJs on Scot's site and generate a list of missing
DJs.  The missing DJs could also be organized by number
(as per earlier posting). This resource may help those
with many MLs but not the time to compare what is on the
WWW with their collection.  A good example of this is the
recent request for the Hauptmann DJ - and it showed up.
Maybe we could split the work among several volunteers
who take different ranges of authors (alphabetically).
I can cover X.

> Guide Corrections - I'm behind in my entries, to be sure. Luckily, the 
> number of additions and corrections has slowed down. It's a useful 
> project, I think, but I have to admit that it's boring to do. I'm not 
> yet willing to declare it finished, however.

This will certainly be useful in the next revision of
Henry's Guide, and is a great way for ML collectors to
contribute to the future of the Guide.  A few minor
corrections recently noticed due to book aquisitions:

25.3 Glasgow: Barren Ground: in the Guide her name is
spelled 'Glascow'

197.1 Wells: Tono Bungay: The Guide says T for the flex
DJ but it looks like a D to me.

What does the 'revisor' of the next version of the Guide

> ML ListServ Index - this would involve setting up links between book 
> images and info about those books as gleaned from the ListServ archives. 
> This would be very time consuming, but quite valuable. Perhaps the 
> Current and Future Authors of The Guide would rather include the info in 
> the next paper edition???

A related thought is to just have the archives available
as text files via Dogeared.  This would take some editing:
there is some dross, but there are also people who post
HTML formatted messages and the archives sometimes include
all the HTML coding along with the message (so don't send
HTML to the list!).  Again, this seems like more of an issue
of someone who has the time to sort thru the archives.

> Misc Content Index by Author - clicking one of the MISC books in the DJ 
> database would bring up an index of authors in that book. I might even 
> add titles for novellas, plays, short stories, and essays (but NOT poems 
> - too much work!!!). I think this would be tremendously useful for those 
> of us who actually READ our books.

Reading damages book spines, so I would advise against it.


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