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I think both ideas are great, and I would use them, especially following links from a specific book I was interested in to its past discussion on the listserve.  Another suggestion, and I have no idea how difficult it would be, knowing only enough about computers to screw them up, is to be able to have the dj images sorted by number as well as by author.  Since I have my ML books arranged by number, it's not too easy to methodically check if I have some covers than aren't yet posted.   

By the way, I also think you're one heck of a guy--your sense of humor is a joy!   

John Peterson (aka bozo)

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The other day I sent out a proposal ("The Once & Future Projects")  
about two projects I was thinking of doing to expand  the usefulness  
of Dogeared to the ML collecting community:

1) cataloging the Listserv archive and somehow linking the info to  
the image database
2) expanding the image database to include tables of contents for  
several types of anthologies

I received three responses - two saying that I was one heck of a guy  
(both of which were incredibly perceptive and accurate beyond all  
doubt), and one saying that the DJ Variations project should continue  
(which is certainly shall, assuming folks send me images).

Nobody has commented on the two new projects. Does this mean nobody  
thinks that these projects have merit? Guidance, people, guidance! Of  
course, I may ignore what everybody says, but at least I'll have  
input to consider.



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