The Once & Future Projects

Sun Feb 9 20:38:40 EST 2003

The DJ variations project is the most important. If you can possibly find the 
time to keep that up, all ML collectors would appreciate it.

<< Folks,
 The recent contributions to the dormant DJ Designers project and the 
 active DJ Variations project had me reflecting in the shower as to 
 the state of all Dogeared projects. I have come to the following 
 DJ Designers - I declare this finished (as opposed to "complete" - 
 meaning that, while more could be added, I'm done with it). I thought 
 I might spend time adding to it, but I believe that it currently has 
 enough info in it to be useful to those interested in what it has to 
 offer. If folks make new contributions that are easy to add, I'll add 
 that material. Nothing major will happen to it.
 DJ Variations - this project will continue as active. It has been 
 tremendously successful thus far, and folks seem to enjoy it judging 
 by the feedback I get. Besides, I think it's great fun to do. I hope 
 that more people will contribute - it would be really something if we 
 could  get examples of every true variation (except color, of course).
 Guide Corrections - I'm behind in my entries, to be sure. Luckily, 
 the number of additions and corrections has slowed down. It's a 
 useful project, I think, but I have to admit that it's boring to do. 
 I'm not yet willing to declare it finished, however.
 Faults - last year I started to assemble info for a project that 
 would be a primer on DJ and book faults. I've decided that (1) it's 
 not sufficiently directly related to ML collecting to deserve space 
 on Dogeared, and (2) there's enough info elsewhere on the Web, 
 including some info that's well-illustrated. If I get the time, I'l 
 pull together a link list (but it's way low in my priorities).
 ML ListServ Index - this would involve setting up links between book 
 images and info about those books as gleaned from the ListServ 
 archives. This would be very time consuming, but quite valuable. 
 Perhaps the Current and Future Authors of The Guide would rather 
 include the info in the next paper edition???
 Misc Content Index by Author - clicking one of the MISC books in the 
 DJ database would bring up an index of authors in that book. I might 
 even add titles for novellas, plays, short stories, and essays (but 
 NOT poems - too much work!!!). I think this would be tremendously 
 useful for those of us who actually READ our books.  I for one am 
 always forgetting what works are included in these anthologies.
 SOOOOOOO - comments?
 Scot Kamins
 Portland Oregon Real Estate Broker
 (with Scott Trahan Realty Brokerage)
 "I Listen."
 (503) 997-0199

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