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>> I have a copy of this in a jacket slightly less good than 
>> the one on eBay.  The ML occasionally rented their plates 
>> other publishers to pick up some easy money.  From the 
>> of titles on the back panel of the jacket it looks like 
>> several titles published by the National Home Library 
>> Foundation might have been printed from ML plates, but I 
>> haven't seen any of the others so I don't know for sure.
>I don't think the National Home Library edition of the Queen
>Pedauque was technically a knockoff (as in an unauthorized
>The 'National Home Library Foundation' seems to have been
>organized to promote literacy around 1932.  "The National
>Home Library Foundation is a non-profit organization 
>by a group of noted authors and educators" (from a DJ).  The
>organization still exists (mostly library grants).
>The NHL published 32 hardcover books as the National Home
>Library, and also 16 softcover books as the 'Jacket Library'
>in the mid 1930s.
>The titles are an odd mix of literature and New Deal social
>tracts (on taxes, the need for government intervention, 
>Four NHL titles were discontinued ML titles, and used the ML
>plates.  I am guessing that the ML donated the plates, 
>than rented them, as they were all discontinued ML titles, 
>NHL was a non-profit organization, and the hardcover NHL 
>sold for 25 cents each.  These are the titles with ML 
>Ellis 'The New Spirit' 1935 (does not indicate ML copyright;
>	discontinued by ML in 1932)
>Flaubert 'Salammbo' 1935 (does not indicate ML copyright; 
>	continued by ML in 1934)
>France 'The Queen Pedauque' 1935 (notes ML copyright, 1923;
>	discontinued by ML in 1933)
>Paine 'Selections from the Writings of...' (does not 
>	ML copyright; disconintued by ML in 1932).
>All are about the size of pre 1939 MLs and have unique 
>DJs by George Salter (who also did ML djs).
>> As many of you know, the National Home Library Foundation 
>> was the source of the plates used to print the ML edition 
>> The Federalist.  
>The NHL edition of the Federalist cost 75 cents. It is 
>in size, like post 1939 MLs and has the intro by Earle.  It
>says it was produced with funding from the Carnegie 
>No date in the book, but it seems to be late 1930s...I 
think it
>was the last NHL title produced.
>I assume that the ML guys were in some way associated with 
>NHL, or at least were hit up for dontations to the cause!
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