Bound-in ad for Reader's Guild in a Robert Frost

Scot Kamins kamins at
Fri Dec 26 13:02:39 EST 2003

Hi folks,

A non-ListServer wrote to me about this. Any comments?

And for a question:  I recently found a Poems of Robert Frost and 
noticed something really interesting in the copy, something I've 
never seen in any other Modern Library.  At about page 256, there 
seems to be an extra page bound in with the book, and on that page is 
a brief article about Frost with a photograph of him. On the other 
side of this page is an advertisement for some type of reader's 
guild.  At first I thought the previous owner had carefully inserted 
this page, since the bottom edge hangs out about 1/32" (only enough 
to notice when closed), but upon inspecting, the page really seems to 
be a part of the binding.  Have you ever seen this, and/or do you 
know the history of it?

Scot Kamins

"[Books of great authors] are regarded as part of the necessary 
furniture of the house -- not of the mind; and having been duly and 
dutifully bought they are taught to know their place on the appointed 
shelf. They are taken as read. . . . There are few men now who, when 
a new book is published, read an old one."
                        - anonymous 19th century cynic

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