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Scot Kamins kamins at
Wed Dec 17 15:17:29 EST 2003

At 12:44 PM -0700 12/17/03, Ron Thoman wrote:
>Great improvements, Scot.


>Regarding the ToC's of Anthologies:
>Are you asking for contributions of typed lists for these or individual
>author collections, and if so, what format, which authors, etc.
I am indeed. The lists may be typed into an e-mail and sent to me 
directly at kamins at rather than through the ListServ.

For anthologies composed of multiple writers, the format should be 
like any of the ones in the Misc: Short Stories category at
(Use Great German Novels & Short Stories as an example).

For single writer collections, such as Maupassant's Best Stories, all 
I need is the author, book title and Toledano number (or some other 
way to identify the edition since contents sometimes changed with a 
new compilation), and then the table of contents.

I'm looking for ToC's of all compilations in all genres (except 
poetry) where the content is not evident from the title or from the 
dust jacket. So most of Ibsen wouldn't need ToC's, but Singer's 
Selected SHort Stories would.

For titles that have poetry as well as prose (eg Swinburne's Selected 
Poetry & Prose), ignore the poetry but list everything else.

Thanks for playing!!!
Scot Kamins

"[Books of great authors] are regarded as part of the necessary 
furniture of the house -- not of the mind; and having been duly and 
dutifully bought they are taught to know their place on the appointed 
shelf. They are taken as read. . . . There are few men now who, when 
a new book is published, read an old one."
                        - anonymous 19th century cynic

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