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Wed Dec 17 14:44:22 EST 2003

Great improvements, Scot.  

Regarding the ToC's of Anthologies: 

Are you asking for contributions of typed lists for these or individual
author collections, and if so, what format, which authors, etc.

Ron Thoman

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 > Date: 12/16/03 11:17:51 PM
> Subject: Changes to Dogeared
> Folks,
> I've made a few changes to Dogeared:
> *Home page has been somewhat restructured into more meaningful categories:
> * Searching the DJ database by author has been changed to a single 
> continuous list instead of 26 separate ones:
> This does away with certain problems of location ("Where do I find De 
> Quincy?") since you can search all the authors' names at once using 
> your browser's Search tool (Find: Quincy)
> * An introductory article has been added explaining what's in the 
> database and how to get around in it:
> Parts have been taken from other articles and new tables constructed 
> making things clearer.
> * An article has been added describing the four ongoing projects 
> (dust jackets, blurbs, book notes, anthology tables of contents) and 
> how to contribute - even if you don't have a scanner:
> I'd appreciate it if everyone on the listServ would read this one, 
> especially folks who have only lurked for fear of not being able to 
> take a meaningful active part.
> As always, comments are welcomed.
> -- 
> Scot Kamins
> "[Books of great authors] are regarded as part of the necessary 
> furniture of the house -- not of the mind; and having been duly and 
> dutifully bought they are taught to know their place on the appointed 
> shelf. They are taken as read. . . . There are few men now who, when 
> a new book is published, read an old one."
>                        - anonymous 19th century cynic

Ron Thoman
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