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John and Jay, many thanks for information on Seltzer.  When searching
around by Google, I came across a Thomas Seltzer who apparently translated
some things from some Scandinavian language, so I thought maybe he was the

Now that we know who Seltzer was relative to the 2.1 "Introduction", does
anyone have any idea who the translator was of this edition of Strindberg's

Scot, I wonder if this tidbit about Thomas Seltzer should be added to an
info blurb for 2.1.

Ron Thoman
rgthoman at earthlink.net

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> Seltzer was Albert Boni's uncle and an editor and vice-president at Boni &
> Liveright.  He has been called "the editor" of the Modern Library, but
> is pretty questionable.  He left Boni & Liveright shortly after Liveright
> bought out Boni and formed his own publishing company "Thomas Seltzer,
> Jay Satterfield
> At 05:12 PM 12/15/2003, you wrote:
>  >Strindberg's "Married" (2.1) has an introduction by Thomas Seltzer.  Was
>  >he the translator?  Can anyone tell us who this was and something more
>  >about him.  Wasn't there a New York publisher by this name in the first
>  >half of the 20th century?  Any connection?
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