New Project: Blurb Notes

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Dec 14 16:49:11 EST 2003

Ron Thoman has come up with an interesting idea for a project. He 
points out that collectors would find instructive the blurbs that 
appear on the front panels of DJ types 1 through 3. These are the 
early ones with no colophon or the small colophon appearing on the 

The text on these panels is largely unreadable in the Dogeared DJ 
database. This is because, in order to keep both monetary and 
download-time costs down, each image is 3.5" tall with a resolution 
of 72 DPI. ALso, because at the time the project began I didn't have 
sufficient storage space, I failed to keep copies of the originals 
most of which were full-sized at a minimum resolution of 150 DPI.

If you have any DJ that qualifies, you can participate in either of 
the following ways:

* Type into an e-mail the text on the front panel and send it to me. 
(This is the preferred method.) Be sure to give the date of the DJ 
because sometimes the text changed.

* Scan or photograph the image at sufficient size and resolution to 
make it readable and send it to me.

To see what an entry will look like:
1) Go to
2) Click the document icon to the left of "1921" over Whitman's Poems.
3) Enlarge the window that appears if necessary.

Let me know that you're doing this so I can let the listServ know in 
order that efforts not be duplicated.


      `\|||/                     Scot Kamins

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