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Sun Dec 14 10:15:37 EST 2003

Your post mentioning "A Tale of Two Cities" reminded me I saw another
knockoff to add to the thread from a month or two ago.  Saw it
yesterday, the spine and dj cover were like the 60's illustrated jacket
with the guillotine.  No ML indication on the outside, but both flaps
referenced a free list from the ML.  It also had an ML copyright page.
Book had a tan cover with silver letters.  Dealer noted "pirated?" on
the FFEP and was asking $6.50.

John Wolansky
jwol at

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Given the recent spate of communication on series collecting, 
especially in light of the discussion of collecting a smattering from 
a number of series, I think it would be great fun to collect one copy 
of the same title from each of the series.

This would work, of course, only if every series published a common 
title. Likely candidates would be "Hamlet" or "A Tale of Two Cities."

Gee. 20 board feet of "King Leer." Depressing, but amusing nonetheless.

Scot Kamins
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