OT:Just for giggles - how many EL collectors?

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For an account of 19th-century British series (pre EL) see 
Richard D. Altick, "From Aldine to Everyman: Cheap Reprint 
Series of the English Classics, 1830-1906" ... originally 
published in Studies in Bibliography v. 11 (1958) and 
reprinted in Altick's book, Writers Readers and Occasions 
(Ohio State Univ. Press, 1989).


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>>Once I let ELs mix with my MLs
>One shudders to think of the offspring.
>>  I have at least one book from 80+ different series that 
>>published from about 1905 thru the 1960s.  Just about 
every publisher
>>had one or even several series to compete with the EL and 
ML.  I
>>know of another 30-40 series.
>Were any of these numbered?
>It would be interesting to see a list of the names of these 
>as would an   article describing each of the series.
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