OT:Just for giggles - how many EL collectors?

Carolyn and Murry Spector candm at eskimo.com
Thu Dec 11 20:51:54 EST 2003

Like some others, I seem to be a sucker for books in series, or numbered
books, or books that have similar bindings or logos, such as anchor bible,
sentry editions, penguin nature classics, paulist press classics of
spirituality. However, I have never considered EL. Am I missing something

Murry Spector

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> Folks,
> This is of course off-topic, but what the heck.
> I'd like to know how many of the 100+ members of this listServ also
> collect or have considered collecting the Everyman Library series. A
> simple "I do" would do, or "I would but there's no Website" or
> whatever.
> If you're a lurker and you don't want to post here, please e-mail me
> Thanks,
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> Scot Kamins
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