OT:Just for giggles - how many EL collectors?

GrmChiTown at aol.com GrmChiTown at aol.com
Thu Dec 11 10:43:52 EST 2003

I seem to be attracted mainly to collecting items that are in a series or are 
numbered, yet similar in format.
No, I do not collect EL, but, due to my theological interests, I began 
receiving the Anchor Bible one volume at a time, in response to an ad placed in the 
Christian Century magazine by Doubleday back in 1984 in which they asked "too 
much Bible?"   ..here is how you can deal with this multi-volume series, one 
volume at a time" and I was hooked and am STILL receiving them.

Though a series called the Anchor Bible may at first appear to bear no 
resemblance to the ML, consider:  the volumes are formatted similarly, and are 
numbered;  the publisher keep things interesting by occasionally replacing a volume 
with a new one by a different scholar (the intrigue grows:  did the 
original's views fall out of favor? hmm..); and, it just keeps on going, and going, and 
going...I now have five shelves full. 

Over the years my interest in the AB (another similarity:  the series has the 
two-letter nickname) moved from purely reference material to also collecting 
as well, as I saw the series developing and modifying itself.  

Like the ML, the AB would list all the volumes by number, name and author, 
first on the back cover;  then modified that as the series grew.   Like the ML, 
one could research and tell the publishing date of the cover by the volumes 
listed on the jacket.  As the commentaries became longer and longer within each 
volume, volume, say, 31 would then become 31A, 31B, 31C.

Another similarity is the interesting things happening to the publisher.  
Doubleday became Bantam, became DBB Direct, became.....

At one point a serious problem developed.  I received a volume (Romans) with 
whose commentary I strongly disagreed and actually found offensive.   What to 
do?  I felt that it was unwelcome in my home but..my AB collection would be 
RUINED so what to do?   My solution was, I placed the offending volume upside 
down on the shelf to indicate it held a place of dishonor.  So there!   

Have you ever run in to a problem like that with the ML?  But what fun it is!
And btw...if u know of any one else out there who is an AB collector, would 
you let me know?  thanks!

Best regards,

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