OT:Just for giggles - how many EL collectors?

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To add to Sharon's larger topic:  ML is actually my secondary collecting
focus (I have around 100).  Primary focus is Joyce Carol Oates (all titles,
any form first, then replace with 1st ed as found and as can afford - have
about 105 right now).  ML is secondary.  Tertiary is Richard Adams and T. C.
Boyle.  Then there are the 3-8 volume "collections" that are too numerous to
mention... (Christmas fiction, Marx bros....)  An obsession it is...

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     For those who particularly enjoy British history and literature,
Everyman's library offers a large number of outstanding titles that are
unavailable elsewhere; however the standardization of the dust jackets makes
the books less aesthetically appealing than MLs.  I tend to buy them for
content, pretty much as Joe described.  

     A larger topic, and a fascinating one, is the obsession of book
collecting in general.  Very few of the ML collectors I have known collect
only the Modern Library.  Most collect another author, another series, etc.
Assuming that the Modern Library is one's primary collection, what is the
secondary one?  Mine is Charles Dickens.

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, JOSEPH HILL wrote:

> This series of books are not conducive for collecting,they are far too 
> bland  and Scholarly. If you think a B&L is hard to acquire with a 
> DJ,Try and find a 1906 EL with one!!!  Most all people who buy EL's  
> buy them for content,not for first editions or dust jackets,or whatever..
> My EL's  far out-sell my ML books as most titles are long OP,few ML 
> titles are OP.
> Also,John K. and I have had this field to ourselves for some time 
> now,we would not appreciate novice  collectors driving prices out o 
> ourf range....and furthermore,you don't have the room for both EL & ML 
> books!!


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