OT:Just for giggles - how many EL collectors?

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"Collect" would overstate my interest in them, but I do buy titles in the new EL series published by Knopf (which is also a subsidiary of Random House, which also publishes the Modern Library; it's all the same company, folks), particularly if there's a title not included in ML or I want a good introduction.

Sadly, I find the new EL generally superior to the new ML: better typography, better introductions, no ugly dust jackets to worry about messing up. I don't collect the old EL, though, for many of the reasons Joe describes: ugly jackets (although, there were some cool jackets on books from the late 60s, early '70s), the staggering number of titles, lack of storage space, etc. It's all too much; I've already filled over 40 linear feet of bookshelves with ML alone, which is only a fraction of my library.

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  This is of course off-topic, but what the heck.

  I'd like to know how many of the 100+ members of this listServ also 
  collect or have considered collecting the Everyman Library series. A 
  simple "I do" would do, or "I would but there's no Website" or 

  If you're a lurker and you don't want to post here, please e-mail me privately.

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