State of the Dust Jacket Project

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sat Dec 6 14:52:36 EST 2003


I've just added a mess of paperback dust jackets to the database, 
including great recent contributions from Trevor White.

Reviewing the dust jacket project as a whole, we have at least one 
example of the vast majority of titles in the series:

- All giants
- All but 18 regular issues
- All but three paperbacks

I also believe that we have a huge percentage of all dust jackets 
ever issued. We are all to be congratulated.

Now, wouldn't it be fantastic if we had it all?

If you'll scan and send, I'll edit and post!

Scot Kamins

"Modern Library books are intended to be read and not just to be 
stuck away in bookcases like old sets of Balzac and Victor Hugo..."
                    - Bennett Cerf

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