Impact of Toledano Guide on ML Collecting

Rob Perrilleon rperrilleon at
Thu Dec 4 12:48:41 EST 2003

I'm sure an EL price guide will raise awareness, but you'll also need Scot's 
twin to build a site.

That's what got me going - I was buying a few books to read, the dealer 
pointed out that I had an ML and an EL.  I didn't know what he was talking 
about, but got home and googled both.  I got Scott's page for Modern 
Library, and a bunch of Amazon listings for Everyman's. Almost a year later, 
that's still the only EL I own.  I only learned about the guide from 

I'm sure I'm not the only one.

PS - You can't have Scot, he's ours!

Rob Perrilleon

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>Subject: Re: Impact of Toledano Guide on ML Collecting
>Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 10:44:44 EST
>The existence of the Toledano Guide has heightened my interest in ML
>collecting, yes.  A few years ago, it had begun to occur to me that the ML 
>might be enjoyable to collect;  but I had some reservations about its 
>primarily because I knew that virtually all MLs were reprints or later
>editions of some other publisher's "first," therefore, wouldn't collecting 
>ML be
>rather odd?
>Then, while at a flea market, of all places, near Santa Fe, I came upon a
>book dealer's table and saw an ML edition of the Thurber Carnival, which I 
>always liked. I picked it up and was surprised to see that the dealer was 
>$10 for it, even though it smelled of smoke from a recent fire at the home
>store, which I believe was located in Albuquerque.   This told me that I 
>looking at a collectable item, according to my own (very simplistic) view, 
>is, if a used book is selling for a price higher than the original, then it 
>in the collectible market.  The astute dealer, seeing that I was mulling 
>the Thurber ML, pulled out a Toledano Guide, which I had never heard of;  I
>was stunned.  "You mean there are others like me?"  I cried.  I bought both
>books after a very enjoyable and informative conversation.  So that's how I 
>Gordon R. McCoy

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