What do I have here?

McBride, Jo-Anne C MCF:EX JoAnne.McBride at gems7.gov.bc.ca
Tue Dec 2 19:01:50 EST 2003

I've trained my sons to spot ML binding at 50 meters, so I was surprised
when my oldest brought me a 'The Good Earth' that had only the one colour
plus gold stamping. (I had run my eye over the same shelf and missed it!)
It says it is ML, looks like it, but on the inside, after all the ML
printing stuff, it says printed and bound by:
Evergreen Press Limited, Vancouver, Canada. 
(which is where I live and where I bought it).Plus there is a large imprint
with no colour on the front of the figure inside a hexagon.
So, is it ML? What do I call it and why does it differ so much from the red
copy of The Good Earth that I already have?

Jo-Anne McBride
Administrative Assistant
Victory Hill Provincial Services
Burnaby, BC

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