mod libs are infections....

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You're feeling remorse for walking away from some '50s Hardys? HA! Don't worry: you should encounter dozens more in your collecting career. How about these for books I let get away:

- A Dali Illustrated Quixote for 8 bucks because it had a small crack in the acetate. (It only took me about 8 years and 80 bucks to find a better one.)

- A pristine 1st in DJ of Wilderness by Rockwell Kent because the bookstore wanted 40 bucks for it (cheap!). (I have yet to find one near as good for twice the price.)

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  join the club; tell me why i keep on buying books that i already have;
  or why we want to have every "edition"
  or why the dj is worth more than the book
  face it ; it is 12 step recovery time

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  okay i don't 'collect' ML's like you all do.

  i like them..i have a LOT of them and they pop off the shelf at me when i
  see them...but if it's not a book i like i dont' NEED to
  buy it.

  yesterday i saw 2 hardy Ml's w dj's circa 1958..not exactly matched editions
  but close enough..and they were relatively
  inexpensive...but i talked myself out of buying them..and i can't stop
  wishing i had.

  I dont' particularly LIKE Hardy..i think Tess was a moron, and the Mayor of
  Casterbridges wife should have walloped him upside the
  left before she left.

  But WHY in gods name am i still wishing i had bought those 2 damn books?


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