mod libs are infections....

J Godsey gods1216 at
Sun Aug 24 18:45:04 EDT 2003

okay i don't 'collect' ML's like you all do.

i like them..i have a LOT of them and they pop off the shelf at me when i see them...but if it's not a book i like i dont' NEED to
buy it.

yesterday i saw 2 hardy Ml's w dj's circa 1958..not exactly matched editions but close enough..and they were relatively
inexpensive...but i talked myself out of buying them..and i can't stop wishing i had.

I dont' particularly LIKE Hardy..i think Tess was a moron, and the Mayor of Casterbridges wife should have walloped him upside the
left before she left.

But WHY in gods name am i still wishing i had bought those 2 damn books?


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