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And it should be noted that there's little disgrace in possessing a later printing of this title, which is scarce both as a first and a later copy. Toledano, you might note, places the value of a first vs. a non-first as only a letter apart. My copy is a later printing (with the taller binding 14), which I selected for the exceptional condition of the dust jacket. The Updike dj is highly condition-sensitive because of the use of solid black on the spine and front (kind of like the Genet, although not quite as bad).
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  Gordon Neavill wrote:

  > Not just Kent endpapers, but gray Kent endpapers, not the tan Kent endpapers
  > that began to be used in fall 1966.
  > Barry

  You know you are dealing with a bunch of true collectors
  when four posts discussing a ML title mention only the
  Toledano Guide number.

  One more distinction of note with this title is the dust
  jacket: the running guy logo changed and the later
  printing (printings?) has the stylized guy:



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  >>The previous emailer is correct. Kent endpapers and the $2.45 price are
  >>necessary for the first status. Look also at the listing of ML Giants at
  > the end of
  >>the book. G93 Parodies should NOT be listed. If Parodies is listed, the
  > book
  >>is a later edition. However, during the 1960s, the DJ was not always
  > changed.
  >>Thus, it is possible to get the first issue DJ on a later edition book.
  >>However, in this case, it must show at least the $2.45 price to be
  > confirmed as a
  >>first DJ.
  >><< I have one with Kent end-papers.  Price is $2.45
  >> John Peterson
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  >> I concur since Fujita end-papers were introduced in 1967 according to
  > Andes.
  >> Mine has Kent end-papers and a Binding style of 1963-67. Price is
  > clipped.
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  >> >Copies with Fujita end-papers and a $2.95 price can in no way be a first
  >> >edition although,"FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION 1965 "is stated.
  >> >Did we cover this before...and did I miss it?
  >> >
  >> >
  >> >
  >> >

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