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The previous emailer is correct. Kent endpapers and the $2.45 price are 
necessary for the first status. Look also at the listing of ML Giants at the end of 
the book. G93 Parodies should NOT be listed. If Parodies is listed, the book 
is a later edition. However, during the 1960s, the DJ was not always changed. 
Thus, it is possible to get the first issue DJ on a later edition book. 
However, in this case, it must show at least the $2.45 price to be confirmed as a 
first DJ.

<< I have one with Kent end-papers.  Price is $2.45
 John Peterson
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 I concur since Fujita end-papers were introduced in 1967 according to Andes. 
 Mine has Kent end-papers and a Binding style of 1963-67. Price is clipped.
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 >Copies with Fujita end-papers and a $2.95 price can in no way be a first
 >edition although,"FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION 1965 "is stated.
 >Did we cover this before...and did I miss it?

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