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My "Bibliographic Notes and Queries" column in the newly published MLC #45 includes the entry for Flaubert's Madame Bovary from my ML bibliography.  In cutting and pasting my copy to fit his format, Alan unfortunately messed up the sequence on p. 4.  The problem appears halfway down p. 4 in both columns.  Here's what you need to know to make sense of it:

Entry 25.1d, Special printing for Jewish Daily Forward (1925/25): from "Contents as 25.1b except: [274-278] ML list L" [halfway down the left column p. 4] go to the *top* of the right hand column, then continue half way down the right hand column through 25.2a, Text reset (1927)."  This entry is completed in the lower half of the left hand column with the description of a variant followed by three jacket descriptions.  Continue through entry 25.2b, Title page reset (1940) in the left hand column, then back to the lower half of the right hand column with 25.2c, Peyre introduction added (1950).  Page 5 is ok.

In other words, the top half of the right column on p. 4 should be the lower half of the left column; the lower half of the left column on p. 4 should be the top half of the right column. 

Hope this helps!

The statement in the second paragraph on p. 3 that I describe "five" families within the first edition (25.1a-f) should be corrected to "six families".  This was my mistake!


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