JBK, buckram Giant w/numberless spine

John Wolansky jwol at fast.net
Sun Apr 27 09:31:54 EDT 2003

Got lucky this AM late in the second day of a local library sale.  Found a
giant buckram, Metropolitan Opera Guide, G048.1.  The interesting thing is
the spine is numberless and like the numberless regular buckrams, lacks a
contrasting background on the spine's title box.

While rearranging some books, I came across some buckram bound Vintage
Books I picked up some time ago.  I remembered someone posted about a ML
block bound in a Vintage cover (or vice versa) some time ago and took a
closer look.  It was Joe Hill, last month with a copy of Ulysses.  The
Vintage books appear to be of the same material and design as the ML books.
 Replace the ML cover oval and colophon atop the spine's title box with the
Vintage sunburst and you have a Vintage buckram with the height of a late
70's ML.  Then I noticed one had a numberless spine and lacked the
contrasting background like the ML numberless spine volumes.  Since Vintage
is a division of Random House, my guess is the same bindery (?) was used
for both ML and Vintage buckrams and for whatever reason, at some point the
process was completed without numbers on the spine.  One volume, V-178, The
Complete Plays of John Synge had a 1935 Modern Library, Inc. copyright.  My
guess is the "cross dressed" ML/Vintage copy Joe Hill has is a result of
using leftover stock ... like finding ML Giant jackets on Random House
books, or mixed covers and blocks in earlier ML printings.

John Wolansky
jwol at fast.net

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