1st ML, (was 1933 ML Top Ten Best Sellers)

Ed J. Lukanuski ejluk at ix.netcom.com
Sat Apr 26 11:05:02 EDT 2003

Re: 1st ML, (was 1933 ML Top Ten Best Sellers)Wait ... did you actually UNDERSTAND that book? 

Understand the book?

Well yes and no.

Helping to read the novel with some understanding:
    1. Being Catholic
    2. Reading it at a Catholic college
    3. Having some experience with Irish humor esp. humor from Irish priests even if they were Americans.
    4. And most important having a pony. In fact I still have William York Tindall's (don't you love that name) "A Reader's Guide to James Joyce" which, thank God, is keyed to the ML edition.

When I first read it I got what Molly was saying yes to. Years later I finally understood what was going in the "Nausicaa" chapter.

In graduate school I did pass on a semester course on Joyce. A semester did seem like a long time to swim in the rivers of Ireland only to end up at Finnegans Wake.

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