1st ML, (was 1933 ML Top Ten Best Sellers)

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Sat Apr 26 01:56:51 EDT 2003

Fascinating . . . what people will read or try to read . . .

I grew up in a small town that had no library let alone a bookstore.
On trips to New York, I would see in large book stores the ML series. It was love at first sight.

But even at ninety-five cents (am I right) or was it $1.25 ML's cost more than PB's. And who would have thought that collecting books by their series number would be any fun.

In college I saved some beer money and bought War and Peace.

I spent a long hot summer reading about the Prince and Natasha and Pierre and the cast of thousands. I remember the August morning were particulary froggy much like the descriptions of the battle field at Austerlitz. W&P is still my favorite novel.

The biggie ML in college was James Joyce Ulysses. I still have the copy with its torn cover and on occassion we will relive a day in Dublin.

In graduate school we read from The English Philosphers from Bacon to Mill. I was surprised that text was use since EPFBTM lacked as all ML's any notion as to the text authority. Perhaps the professor didn't think it important to have the authentic text or he knew few of us had the money to buy high quality editions of those writers.

And as for the best sellers, I still have happy memories of reading Of Human Bondage. Good old Somerset could write. I still try evey once and awhile to figure was there a messge in OHB or did I just miss it.
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