1st ML, (was 1933 ML Top Ten Best Sellers)

Simms,Karrie KSIMMS at cerner.com
Wed Apr 23 13:03:47 EDT 2003

My 1st ML was Rebecca with a good but not great dj.  I had gone on an
extended lunch with a co-worker to a used bookstore that was literally
exploding with books.  There was just enough room to walk single file down
the pathways through the shop.  It had shelves that were jammed as full as
they would go and most would swing open to expose another layer of shelves
behind them, also jammed full.  Rebecca was hidden on a bottom shelf, behind
two 2ft tall stacks of books.  I somehow saw the black cover and pulled it
out.  Spent a couple of bucks on it and upon examination, found the list on
the inside of the dj.  Well, being in computers and a bit of a compulsive
anyway, that list was enough to trigger some Internet investigation and the
start of my smallish collection.  

The funny part is, my co-worker didn't buy the book, but that Rebecca and
the list intrigued him so much (also being a computer geek) that he has now
become a full fledged collector with a continually growing collection that
he supplements on his trips out of town (KC seems to be an "Everyman's
Library" kind of town with tons of ELs and only moderate amounts of MLs

Karrie A. Simms
Kansas City, MO 


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