Alcoa Mystery: More info

Scot Kamins kamins at
Tue Apr 22 10:22:05 EDT 2003

Here's some more stuff that John sent about the Alcoa material:

"...there's nothing on the djs to indicate modern library, and 
there's no clues in the books to suggest a special printing. 
However, the metallic endpapers, with compliments of the Corporate 
Design Division of Alcoa label, are different, and are pasted onto 
Modern Library books.  Could it be that these are run of the mill 
books with specialized endpapers and possibly covers?  The Quixote 
book does have a complete catalogue of MLs in the back, that would 
date the printing to 1965, I Bellow/Augie March, but yes 
to Camus, Fall & Exile and etc.

"I bought this set at a Chicago bookstore this last Saturday, and 
paid only $20, so have no big investment, but I do have a lot of 
curiosity about them."

Seems to me that the DJ's were privately printed NOT by Random House. 
I'm betting that ALcoa bought a bunch of books and made the changes 

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