Buckram's List info for JB, Henry's numberless spines

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Sun Apr 20 10:12:51 EDT 2003

John Wolansky wrote:

> Looks like I am busted on the G59.1.  My buckram giant is G59.2, Wisdom of
> China and India.  Extra typing, but probably a good idea to include titles
> along with numbers.


> I saw another giant that I regrettably passed on, a mint G68.1. Thomas
> Paine.  I was just starting and it didn't have a dust jacket!  It sat for
> $1 in a charity shop for three months.  When I decided to buy it and
> returned it was gone.  I did not list it with my items because I did not
> own it.  It does exist, though.

Kamins has a copy of this giant, and it is on the list.  A few
years back, about 6 or 7 buckrams showed up at a local bookstore,
all priced around $7 or $8.  I ignored them for a while but
eventually bought them - alas, a giant Marx that was orig. among
the buckrams must have been sold (or it dissappeared into the
teetering piles of books that grace this particular store).  In any
case, I added the Marx Giant to the list as I have seen it.  I
am happy to add 'seen but not owned' copies to the list if people
let me know about them.

> Regarding stated First Modern Library Editions, I have three:
> 360.1 Felix Krull
> 367.1 Tolstoy's Short Novels VII
> G38.2 Genji

Added a note on the list for each of these; also, 367.1 was not
on your orig. list, so I added it to the list.  We now have 142
regular buckrams.  In any case, we now know that some buckrams
are FMLED.  So are there any titles that have both a FMLED and
non-FMLED in buckram?

> Henry mentioned selling a number of Proust's Captive with numberless
> spines.  I have three of those, too.
> 88.5 Faulkner's Light in August
> 164.3 Pensees Provincial Letters
> 263.1 St. Augustine Confesses

Also added as a note to the list.

> In addition to not having a number, they share another attribute I have not
> seen on the other buckrams I have: the title block on the spine does not
> have a contrasting background.  


It is nice to learn a bit more about these buckrams...thanks
to Scot for starting the thread.

john k.

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