Buckram's List info for JB, Henry's numberless spines

John Wolansky jwol at fast.net
Sat Apr 19 20:20:01 EDT 2003


Looks like I am busted on the G59.1.  My buckram giant is G59.2, Wisdom of
China and India.  Extra typing, but probably a good idea to include titles
along with numbers.

I saw another giant that I regrettably passed on, a mint G68.1. Thomas
Paine.  I was just starting and it didn't have a dust jacket!  It sat for
$1 in a charity shop for three months.  When I decided to buy it and
returned it was gone.  I did not list it with my items because I did not
own it.  It does exist, though.

Regarding stated First Modern Library Editions, I have three:

360.1 Felix Krull
367.1 Tolstoy's Short Novels VII
G38.2 Genji

Probably just bound first run copies in buckram, no?  Joe Hill has a copy
of Krull, I wonder if his states first, too?

Henry mentioned selling a number of Proust's Captive with numberless
spines.  I have three of those, too.

88.5 Faulkner's Light in August
164.3 Pensees Provincial Letters
263.1 St. Augustine Confesses

In addition to not having a number, they share another attribute I have not
seen on the other buckrams I have: the title block on the spine does not
have a contrasting background.  All but two or three of my buckrams have a
black background in the title block, with the other three having a dark
background in contrast to the book.  With no black or darkened background,
reading the title and author is a little challenging without good light for
these three books.

John Wolansky

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