Updated Buckram List

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Sat Apr 19 14:04:49 EDT 2003

Hi Modlib,

I added Henry's buckram's to the list.  We are now up to
141 regulars and still at 13 giants.

Some stats:

Regulars: 141 out of 376 regular buckrams = 37.5%
Giants: 13 out of 71 giant buckrams = 18.3%
Total: 154 out of 447 buckrams = 34.4%

Henry's idea that the Giants are more rare than the regulars
seems to hold up here.  It is also curious that we have
accounted for only 1/3 of the buckram titles that were
supposed to have been available.

A few remaining questions:

Henry T.: is your 187 the two novel Faulkner (187.2) or the edition
with only 'The Sound and the Fury' (187.3)?

John Wolansky: do you really have a buckram copy of G59.1: Hemingway:
Short Stories?  This was allegedly discontinued in 1955, so a decade
before these buckrams were available.

Any other additions or corrections welcome.

John K.

Modern Library Buckrams 'Actually Seen'
April 19 2003
	Regulars: 141/376 = 37.5%
	Giants: 13/71 = 18.3%
	Total: 154/447 = 34.4%


4.5: Shakespeare: Comedies II (Joe Hill)
5.4: Shakespeare: Comedies II (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
6.6: Shakespeare: Histories I (Joe Hill)
9.1: Nietzsche: Thus Spake Zarathustra (Joe Hill)
12.3: Donne: Complete Poetry (KMP)
14.2: Maugham: Best Short Stories (Scot Kamins)
21.3: Turgenev: Fathers and Sons (Henry Toledano)
22.3: Bellamy: Looking Backward (Henry Toledano)
25.4: Dickinson: Selected Poems (Joe Hill)
26.3: O'Henry: Best Short Stories (Joe Hill)
28.2: Flaubert: Madam Bovary (John Wolansky)
33.3: Malraux: Man's Fate (Henry Toledano)
38.3: Misc: Six American Plays for Today (John Wolansky)
40.3: Gogol: Dead Souls (Richard Uqland)
41.3: Trollope: Barchester Towers and The Warden (Henry Toledano)
42.3: O'hara: Appointment in Samarra (Scot Kamins)
43.4: Descartes: Philosophical Writings (Joe Hill, Henry Toledano)
44.1: Misc: Irish Fairy and Folktales (Scot Kamins)
46.2: Maurois: Disrali (John Wolansky)
54.3: Dinesen: Seven Gothic Tales (Henry Toledano)
55.3: Dostoyevsky: Possessed (Henry Toledano)
57.4: Misc: Short Bible (Joe Hill)
58.3: Thucydides: Complete Writings (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
59.2: Proust: Swans Way (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
60.3: Spinoza: Philosophy of Spinoza (Joe Hill)
61.2: Faulkner: Sanctuary (Joe Hill, Henry Toledano)
62.2: Reade: The Cloister and the Hearth (John Wolansky)
63.2: Veblen: Theory of the Leisure Class (Henry Toledano)
66.2: Misc: Outline of Psychoanalysis (Revised) (Scot Kamins)
68.3: Lawrence: Women in Love (Henry Toledano)
75.2: Virgil: Virgil's Works (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
77.2: Louys: Aphrodite (Henry Toledano)
81.3: Nostradamus: Oracles (Joe Hill)
84.2: Wilde: Poems and Fairy Tales (Henry Toledano)
86.1: Pater: Renaissance (Scot Kamins)
88.5: Faulkner: Light in August (John Wolansky)
100.4: Swift: Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings (Henry Toledano)
103.1: Pepys: Samuel Pepys' Diary (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins, Henry Toledano)
104.1: Anderson: Winesburg Ohio (Scot Kamins)
109.2: Camus: The Plague (Henry Toledano)
110.3: Dickens: David Copperfield (Henry Toledano)
114.1: W. James: Philosophy (Joe Hill)
117.4: Fielding: Joseph Andrews (Joe Hill)
120.3: Proust: The Captive (Henry Toledano, Scot Kamins) ('Buckram Reenforced'
	and # not on spine)
129.3: Misc: Great Spanish Stories (Scot Kamins)
130.4: Crane: Red Badge of Courage (Richard Uqland)
134.2: Meredith: Ordeal of Richard Feverel (Joe Hill, John Wolansky,
	Scot Kamins)
140.1: Renan: Life of Jesus (Henry Toledano)
141.2: Horace: Complete Works (Richard Uqland)
145.2: Aleichem: Selected Stories (Joe Hill)
149.2: Misc: Making of Man (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
150.3: Cellini? (Joe Hill, John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
159.1: Smollet: Humphry Clinker (Henry Toledano)
160.2: Auden: Selected Poetry (John Peterson) ('Buckram Reenforced' and #
	not on spine)
162.3: Twain: Connecticut Yankee (Joe Hill)
163.3: Haggard: She and King Solomon's Mines (Henry Toledano)
164.3: Pascal: Pensees (John Wolansky)
167.3: Homer: Odyssey (Henry Toledano)
169.1: James: Turn of the Screw (Henry Toledano)
172.1: Proust: Within a Budding Grove (Henry Toledano)
175.4: Faulkner: Go Down Moses (Henry Toledano)
179.1: Young: Medici (Scot Kamins)
180.1: Huxley: Point Counter Point (John Wolansky)
181.1: Plato: Works of Plato (Scot Kamins)
183.3: Misc: Making of Society (Revised) (Richard Uqland)
185.2: Fielding: Tom Jones (Joe Hill)
186.1: Conrad: Lord Jim (Henry Toledano)
*187.2 or 187.3: Faulkner: two novels or one
188.1: Suetonius: Lives of the Twelve Caesars (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
190.3: Vasari: Lives...Painters...Sculpters (Henry Toledano)
192.2: Emerson: Journals (Joe Hill)
194.1: Corneille and Racine: Six Plays (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins, Henry Toledano)
197.1: Wells: Tono Bungay (Joe Hill)
198.2: Browning: Selected Poetry (Joe Hill, Henry Toledano)
199.2: Dostoyevski: Crime and Punishment (Joe Hill, Henry Toledano)
206.2: Doyle: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Scot Kamins)
207.2: Zimmern: Greek Commonwealth (John Wolansky)
210.1: France: Penguin Island (Henry Toledano)
211.3: O'Hara: Selected Short Stories (Richard Uqland, Scot Kamins)
212.1: Strachey: Eminent Victorians (John Wolansky)
213.1: Proust: Guermantes Way (Joe Hill)
215.2: Reed: Ten Days the Shook the World (Scot Kamins)
217.2: Misc: Latin Poets (Scot Kamins)
219.1: Webb: Precious Bane (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
222.1: Tacitus: Complete Works (Richard Uqland) (no number on spine)
223.2: Hellman: Six Plays (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
224.1: Misc: Eighteenth Century Plays (Joe Hill)
225.3: Wiedeman: I Can Get it for you Wholesale (Henry Toledano)
228.1: Aristotle: Politics (Joe Hill)
230.2: Tennyson: Selected Poetry (Joe Hill)
231.1: Bergson: Creative Evolution (Scot Kamins)
234.1: Jefferson: Life and Selected Writings (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
236.2: Dana: Two Years Before the Mast (Scot Kamins)
240.1: Irving: Selected Writings (Henry Toledano)
241.2: Burk: Life and Works of Beethoven (Joe Hill)
243.1: Rousseau: Confessions (Joe Hill)
244.1: H. James: Wings of the Dove (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
245.1: Balzac: Pere Goriot and Eugenie Grandet (Joe Hill)
246.2: Aristotle: Rhetoric and Poetics (Joe Hill)
247.1: Perelman: Best of Perelman (Henry Toledano)
256.2: Bacon: Selected Writings (Henry Toledano)
257.1: Pope: Selected Works
258.3: Misc: New Voices in the American Theatre (Joe Hill)
263.1: Augustine: Confessions (John Wolansky)
265.1: Hackett: Personal History of Henry the Eighth (Scot Kamins)
266.1: Kant: Philosophy (John Wolansky)
267.1: Parkman: Oregon Trail (John Wolansky)
268.1: Wordsworth: Selected Poetry (Joe Hill)
270.1: Maugham: Cakes and Ale (Henry Toledano)
273.1: Keats: Complete Poetry and Selected Prose (Joe Hill)
274.1: Shelly: Selected Poetry (Joe Hill)
276.1: Misc: Six Modern American Plays (Joe Hill)
278.1: Proust: Past Recaptured (Joe Hill)
281.1: Schulberg: What Makes Sammy Run (John Krygier, Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
288.1: Misc: Anthology of Irish Literture (Joe Hill)
291.1: Goldsmith: Vicar of Wakefield (Richard Uqland, Scot Kamins)
294.1: B. Shaw: Saint Joan/Major Barbara/Androcles (Henry Toledano)
303.1: Kierkegaard: Kierkegaard Anthology (Henry Toledano)
305.1: Ibsen: Six Plays (Henry Toledano)
306.1: Confucius: Wisdom of Confucious (Joe Hill)
307.1: Ibsen: Wild Duck and Other Plays (Joe Hill)
309.1: Malthus: On Population (John Peterson)
311.1: Aeschylus: Complete Greek Tragedies II (Joe Hill)
312.1: Sophocles: Commplete Greek Tragedies III (Henry Toledano)
322.1: Mill: Philosophy (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins, Henry Toledano)
324.1: Faulkner: Selected Short Stories (Henry Toledano)
328.1: Hersey: Hiroshima (Richard Uqland)
332.1: Stein: Selected Writings (Joe Hill)
333.1: Lawrence: Sons and Lovers (Henry Toledano)
337.1: Misc: Roman Comedies (Henry Toledano)
338.1: Ellison: Invisible Man (Joe Hill)
340.1: Hume: Philosophy (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
341.1: Misc: Twenty German Poets (Richard Uqland, Scot Kamins)
346.1: Tolstoy: Short Stories (Richard Uqland)
348.1: Dewey: John Dewey on Education (Richard Uqland)
351.1: Faulkner: Intrudern in the Dust (Henry Toledano)
354.1: Tolstoy: Short Novels volume 1 (Scot Kamins)
357.1: Updike: Poorhouse Fair and Rabbit, Run (Richard Uqland)
359.1: Michelangelo: Complete Poems (Richard Uqland)
360.1: Mann: Confessions of Felix Krull (Joe Hill)
361.1: Tolstoy: Short Stories volume 2 (Scot Kamins)


13.2 Carlyle: French Revolution (John Krygier)
18.1: Ibsen: Eleven Plays (Scot Kamins)
38.2: Murasaki: Tale of Genji (John Wolansky)
53.1: Sue: Wandering Jew (John Wolansky)
55.1: O'Neill: Nine Plays (John Wolansky)
*59.1: Hemingway: Short Stories (John Wolansky) (discontinued 1955?)
62.1: Pushkin: Poems, Prose, and Plays (John Wolansky)
63.1: Misc: Sixteen Famous British Plays (Anthony Pertusi)
65.1: Rabelais: Complete Works (John Wolansky)
66.1: Misc: Three Famous Murder Novels (John Wolansky)
67.2 Misc: Anth. of Famous English and American Poetry (John Krygier,
	Scot Kamins) (not in Guide)
68.1: Paine/Fast: Selected Work of Thomas Paine (Scot Kamins)
79.1: Misc: Wisdom of Israel (Richard Uqland)
84.1: Mann: Stories of Three Decades (John Wolansky)

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