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I also have 160.2 (Auden), Buckram, but without "Buckram reinforced" and Number.

John Peterson

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Hi Modlib,

Since I suggested it, I compiled the list of 'Actually Seen'
titles in 1960s ML buckram bindings based on the messages
sent to the list in the last few days.  Thanks for your

A few of the titles need to be checked - all are noted with
an asterisk.  One oddball is 59.1 Hemingway: Short Stories
which was discontinued in 1955.

I also checked on and a few other WWW used book
sites, and only a few buckrams showed up (all are titles
already on our list).

There do not seem to be many of the scarce 60s titles here,
except 361.1 Tolstoy: Short Stories II and 357.1: Updike:
Poorhouse Fair and Rabbit, Run.  As far as I know, the
Tolstoy is only a FMLED.  Scot: Does your copy of 361.1
in buckram state FMLED?  Remember that buckrams are never
supposed to state FMLED.

Finally: for updates to the next Toledano Guide: 164.3 Pascal:
Pensees is not in the list on p. 92 of the Guide.  That list
was indespensible in compiling this list from the numbers sent
to modlib.

Please let me know any corrections or additions...there must
be more titles than those listed below.

John K.

Modern Library Buckrams 'Actually Seen'
April 18 2003

Regulars: 103 unique titles
Giants: 13 unique titles

* means the number/title has to be verified


4.5: Shakespeare: Comedies II (Joe Hill)
5.4: Shakespeare: Comedies II (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
6.6: Shakespeare: Histories I (Joe Hill)
9.1: Nietzsche: Thus Spake Zarathustra (Joe Hill)
12.3: Donne: Complete Poetry (KMP)
14.2: Maugham: Best Short Stories (Scot Kamins)
25.4: Dickinson: Selected Poems (Joe Hill)
26.3: O'Henry: Best Short Stories (Joe Hill)
28.2: Flaubert: Madam Bovary (John Wolansky)
38.3: Misc: Six American Plays for Today (John Wolansky)
*40.3: Gogol: Dead Souls (Richard Uqland)
42.3: O'Hara: Appointment in Samarra (Scot Kamins)
43.4: Descartes: Philosophical Writings (Joe Hill)
44.1: Misc: Irish Fairy and Folktales (Scot Kamins)
46.2: Maurois: Disrali (John Wolansky)
57.4: Misc: Short Bible (Joe Hill)
58.3: Thucydides: Complete Writings (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
59.2: Proust: Swans Way (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
60.3: Spinoza: Philosophy of Spinoza (Joe Hill)
61.2: Faulkner: Sanctuary (Joe Hill)
62.2: Reade: The Cloister and the Hearth (John Wolansky)
66.2: Misc: Outline of Psychoanalysis (Revised) (Scot Kamins)
75.2: Virgil: Virgil's Works (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
81.3: Nostradamus: Oracles (Joe Hill)
86.1: Pater: Renaissance (Scot Kamins)
88.5: Faulkner: Light in August (John Wolansky)
103.1: Pepys: Samuel Pepys' Diary (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
104.1: Anderson: Winesburg Ohio (Scot Kamins)
114.1: W. James: Philosophy (Joe Hill)
*117.3: Fielding: Joseph Andrews (Joe Hill)
- question: is this 117.4?
120.3: Proust: The Captive (Henry Toledano, Scot Kamins)
- note: 'Buckram Reenforced' and # not on spine
129.3: Misc: Great Spanish Stories (Scot Kamins)
*130.4: Crane: Red Badge of Courage (Richard Uqland)
*134.1: Meredith: Ordeal of Richard Feverel (Joe Hill)
- question: is this 134.2? (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
141.2: Horace: Complete Works (Richard Uqland)
145.2: Aleichem: Selected Stories (Joe Hill)
149.2: Misc: Making of Man (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
*150.2: Stendahl: Charterhouse of Parma (Joe Hill)
- question: is this 150.3: Cellini? (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
150.3: Cellini: Autobiography (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
162.3: Twain: Connecticut Yankee (Joe Hill)
164.3: Pascal: Pensees (John Wolansky)
179.1: Young: Medici (Scot Kamins)
180.1: Huxley: Point Counter Point (John Wolansky)
181.1: Plato: Works of Plato (Scot Kamins)
*183.3: Misc: Making of Society (Revised) (Richard Uqland)
185.2: Fielding: Tom Jones (Joe Hill)
188.1: Suetonius: Lives of the Twelve Caesars (John Wolansky, Scot Kamins)
192.2: Emerson: Journals (Joe Hill)
194.1: Corneille and Racine: Six Plays (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
197.1: Wells: Tono Bungay (Joe Hill)
198.2: Browning: Selected Poetry (Joe Hill)
199.2: Dostoyevski: Crime and Punishment (Joe Hill)
206.2: Doyle: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Scot Kamins)
207.2: Zimmern: Greek Commonwealth (John Wolansky)
211.3: O'Hara: Selected Short Stories (Richard Uqland, Scot Kamins)
212.1: Strachey: Eminent Victorians (John Wolansky)
213.1: Proust: Guermantes Way (Joe Hill)
215.2: Reed: Ten Days the Shook the World (Scot Kamins)
217.2: Misc: Latin Poets (Scot Kamins)
219.1: Webb: Precious Bane (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
222.1: Tacitus: Complete Works (Richard Uqland) (no number on spine)
223.2: Hellman: Six Plays (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
224.1: Misc: Eighteenth Century Plays (Joe Hill)
228.1: Aristotle: Politics (Joe Hill)
230.2: Tennyson: Selected Poetry (Joe Hill)
231.1: Bergson: Creative Evolution (Scot Kamins)
234.1: Jefferson: Life and Selected Writings (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
236.2: Dana: Two Years Before the Mast (Scot Kamins)
241.2: Burk: Life and Works of Beethoven (Joe Hill)
243.1: Rousseau: Confessions (Joe Hill)
244.1: H. James: Wings of the Dove (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
245.1: Balzac: Pere Goriot and Eugenie Grandet (Joe Hill)
246.2: Aristotle: Rhetoric and Poetics (Joe Hill)
257.1: Pope: Selected Works
258.3: Misc: New Voices in the American Theatre (Joe Hill)
263.1: Augustine: Confessions (John Wolansky)
265.1: Hackett: Personal History of Henry the Eighth (Scot Kamins)
266.1: Kant: Philosophy (John Wolansky)
268.1: Wordsworth: Selected Poetry (Joe Hill)
267.1: Parkman: Oregon Trail (John Wolansky)
273.1: Keats: Complete Poetry and Selected Prose (Joe Hill)
274.1: Shelly: Selected Poetry (Joe Hill)
276.1: Misc: Six Modern American Plays (Joe Hill)
278.1: Proust: Past Recaptured (Joe Hill)
281.1: Schulberg: What Makes Sammy Run (John Krygier, Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
288.1: Misc: Anthology of Irish Literture (Joe Hill)
291.1: Goldsmith: Vicar of Wakefield (Richard Uqland, Scot Kamins)
306.1: Confucius: Wisdom of Confucious (Joe Hill)
307.1: Ibsen: Wild Duck and Other Plays (Joe Hill)
309.1: Malthus: On Population (J. Peterson)
311.1: Aeschylus: Complete Greek Tragedies II (Joe Hill)
322.1: Mill: Philosophy (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
328.1: Hersey: Hiroshima (Richard Uqland)
332.1: Stein: Selected Writings (Joe Hill)
338.1: Ellison: Invisible Man (Joe Hill)
340.1: Hume: Philosophy (Joe Hill, Scot Kamins)
341.1: Misc: Twenty German Poets (Richard Uqland, Scot Kamins)
346.1: Tolstoy: Short Stories (Richard Uqland)
348.1: Dewey: John Dewey on Education (Richard Uqland)
354.1: Tolstoy: Short Novels volume 1 (Scot Kamins)
357.1: Updike: Poorhouse Fair and Rabbit, Run (Richard Uqland)
359.1: Michelangelo: Complete Poems (Richard Uqland)
360.1: Mann: Confessions of Felix Krull (Joe Hill)
361.1: Tolstoy: Short Stories volume 2 (Scot Kamins)


13.2 Carlyle: French Revolution (John Krygier)
- note: hideous lime green binding color
18.1: Ibsen: Eleven Plays (Scot Kamins)
38.2: Murasaki: Tale of Genji (John Wolansky)
53.1: Sue: Wandering Jew (John Wolansky)
55.1: O'Neill: Nine Plays (John Wolansky)
*59.1: Hemingway: Short Stories (John Wolansky)
- question: this title was discontinued in 1955
62.1: Pushkin: Poems, Prose, and Plays (John Wolansky)
65.1: Rabelais: Complete Works (John Wolansky)
66.1: Misc: Three Famous Murder Novels (John Wolansky)
67.2: Misc: Anth. of Famous Eng and Amer Poetry (John Krygier, Scot Kamins)
- note: Buckram ed. not noted in Henry's Guide
68.1: Paine/Fast: Selected Work of Thomas Paine (Scot Kamins)
79.1: Misc: Wisdom of Israel (Richard Uqland)
84.1: Mann: Stories of Three Decades (John Wolansky)
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