Where have all the buckrams gone? Scott, Richard, and Gordon

John Wolansky jwol at fast.net
Fri Apr 18 08:50:51 EDT 2003

Richard: While checking my list against yours to add to the efforts here, I
noticed two books with the same prefix and different decimals.  I have a
copy of 134.2, Meredith's Richard Feveral and you list 134.1.  The .2 copy
has an intro by Stevenson.  If your copy has a Stevenson intro it is 134.2,
if not, we can add another buckram to the database.  Also, I have a copy of
150.3, Autobiography of Cellini.  You list 150.2, Stendhal's Charterhouse. 
Henry's guide does not list this edition in buckram.  Would you
double-check to see if you have the wrong suffix, if you found another
buckram, ... or if I am having difficulties with numbers after a taxing
return season.

Scott: It may be prudent to include the decimal in view of the above. 
Although Henry probably has seen more ML buckrams than many of us combined,
it is possible a small production run did not come to his hand, or there
was a print typo in the guide.

Gordon:  Coincidentally, I picked up my buckram copy of 149.2, The Making
of Man, and noticed the seller had "Gibraltar Binding" penciled beside the
price on the front end paper.  I remember buying it and thought it was just
the sellers innovative description of the binding.  Seems he was well

John Wolansky

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