Where have all the buckrams gone?

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Thu Apr 17 10:14:04 EDT 2003

Check PTLA (Publishers Trade List Annual) volumes from the late 1960s ... ML
catalogs in PTLA indicate which titles were available in buckram (described
as Gibraltar Library Binding).  PTLA, published annually, is a compilation
of publisher's catalogs.  Not all libraries keep the back volumes.


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> HTatML at aol.com wrote:
> > I've bought them all!!
> > I have 99 in my collection. Not much considering there are around 370.
> > Seven for sale. I have been saying for years that the Buckrams are by
> > far the hardest to find, especially the Giants. I have 13 Giants , but
> > none for sale. Incidentally Bukrams were sold in the regular market and
> > not just to libraries.
> Has anyone actually seen (or acquired) all 370?  I have
> seen the full listing (from Random House, sometime in
> the 1960s? reprinted in the ML Collector), but could it
> be that fewer than the advertised 370 titles were bound
> in buckram?  Given that Henry T. only has 99 titles, I
> am a bit suspicious.
> Everyman's Library offered a similar library binding on
> any of their titles, but I believe that such a binding
> was 'on demand' - only if a library or bookstore requested
> it.  Could this have been the case with ML buckrams?
> Maybe we need to compile a list of actually seen Buckrams?
> A pain for those with a big shelf full, but maybe the only
> way to figure out if all 370 titles were actually available
> in Buckram.  I have only a few: Schulburg 'What Makes Sammy
> Run' (281.1), Carlyle 'French Revolution' (G 13.2), Misc.
> Anthology of Famous English and American Poetry (G 67.2).
> jk

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