Where have all the buckrams gone?

Jimmy Williamson jwslaw at jimmywilliamson.com
Tue Apr 15 21:43:46 EDT 2003

Where have all the buckrams gone?i dont know why they are scarce, but they
i only have 10 or 12, and i never pass on an opportunity
the only thing i can figure is that they are still in libraries, or that
libraries discarded them, because of use
for our historians out there, were buckrams ever popular or a big seller for
the mod lib,; how long did bennett keep them going?
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  Lately I've been focusing on collecting buckrams. But I'm having a heck of
a time locating any. All together, I own fewer than 40 - that's less than
10% of the buckrams known to exist!!!

  A few of you have been kind enough to point out buckrams to me when you
see them appear on eBay, and in a few cases I've been able to snag them.
Others have made me aware when they have one to sell, and I'm grateful to
you all for these leads. But they are some SCARCE puppies!

  Anybody have ideas why this is so?


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