Where have all the buckrams gone?

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Tue Apr 15 18:38:56 EDT 2003


Lately I've been focusing on collecting buckrams. But I'm having a 
heck of a time locating any. All together, I own fewer than 40 - 
that's less than 10% of the buckrams known to exist!!!

A few of you have been kind enough to point out buckrams to me when 
you see them appear on eBay, and in a few cases I've been able to 
snag them. Others have made me aware when they have one to sell, and 
I'm grateful to you all for these leads. But they are some SCARCE 

Anybody have ideas why this is so?


Scot Kamins
Portland Oregon Real Estate Broker
(with Scott Trahan Realty Brokerage)
"I Listen."
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